Main Group Seminar Series

We’re a free-to-access, online seminar series that hosts a seminar once a fortnight. Each seminar features two speakers – one early-career and one more established scientist.

This seminar series aims to showcase the best main–group chemistry happening around the world, with both experienced and early-career scientists presenting. In particular, we hope to reach chemists working outside our field.

11am GMT+1, Wednesday 3rd June

Synthesis and Reactivity of the Aluminium-Chalcogenide Multiple Bonds

Synthesis and properties of Alkyl-substituted Alumanyl Anion

Dr Mathew Anker
Victoria University of Wellington
Prof. Makoto Yamashita

You will need to register to receive an access code for the seminars. Registration links will open two weeks before the date of the seminar.

If you are interested in speaking, or having a student or postdoc from your group speak, please get in touch!

Our programme is curated by Dr Michael Cowley at (or, for the moment, not at) the University of Edinburgh, together with funding and substantial help from the Royal Society of Chemistry Main Group Chemistry Interest Group.

If you have a talk to give, get in touch.

All you need to present is a laptop, a microphone, and a lecture.