About our Seminars

Who are they for?

This seminar series aims to showcase the best main–group chemistry happening around the world, with both experienced and early-career scientists presenting. Our speakers will be especially interesting for inorganic chemists, but we hope to reach chemists working outside our field as well.

Why do I have to register?

We ask our audience to register so we can record information about the number of scientists in our audience and where they work.

What’s the format?

Each seminar comprises a 20 minute talk from an early career speaker, and a 40 minute talk from an established scientist. Both talks will be followed by questions, moderated by the host.

How can I attend the seminars?

We use Zoom to host our seminars, and recommend that you download the software for the best experience. You will need to register to be able to attend – links are available on the Schedule page.

How does the seminar run?*

When you arrive in the seminar ‘room’ the host will be displaying a landing page using the screen sharing function.

At the start time, the host will switch to video chat to introduce the first speaker. At this point the audience as asked to switch video and audio OFF.

The speaker will then start their presentation, using screen share. The host will use the chat to remind the speaker of the elapsed time.

The audience can use the chat, or emojis to indicate appreciation for the speaker.

The audience should also use the chat to indicate they have a question. The host will select questions for the speaker. If audience members wish, they can enable their video to ask their question.

The host then thanks all speakers and audience members again, and wraps up.

*adapted from directions by Andrew Weller

Can I present?

We are always looking for speakers – both established and early-career chemists. If you would like to present a seminar, please visit this page to drop us a line so that you can consider your proposal.

Who runs the seminars?

The seminar series is run by Dr Michael Cowley with considerable help, and some funding, from the Royal Society of Chemistry Main-Group Interest Group.

Are the seminars recorded?

We make a recording of each seminar available after each event. A link to the recording will be posted on our twitter page shortly after each seminar. After 24-48 hours the recording is deleted. We don’t keep the ‘back catalogue’ to encourage speakers to share unpublished results.

Do you issue certificates for attendance?

No, we don’t.

Will there be biscuits?

If you bring them.