April 2020

Dr Rebecca Melen
Cardiff University

Metal-free Synthesis and Catalysis Using Lewis Acidic Boranes

Richard Kong
Imperial College

Activation and Functionalization of C–C σ-Bonds of Alkylidene Cyclopropanes at Main Group Centres

4pm GMT+1


April 2020

Prof. Robert Gilliard
University of Virginia

Unusual Coordination Chemistry of Light and Heavy Main-Group Elements

Dr Cath Weetman
Technische Universität München

Aluminium Multiple Bonds for Bond Activations and Catalysis


April 2020

Prof. Saurabh Chitnis
Dalhousie University

Geometric tuning of electronic structure, reactivity, and bonding at Bi and Sb centres

Tanja Kaehler
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Synthesis of BN- and BO-Containing Aromatic Polycyclic Hydrocarbons via a Wacker-Type Cyclisation Reaction


May 2020

Prof. Douglas Stephan
University of Toronto

New Directions in FLP Chemistry

Leonie Bole
Universität Bern

Alkoxide-Mediated Metal-Halogen Exchange Reactions


May 2020

Dr Jesus Campos
Institute for Chemical Research
University of Sevilla

Frustration and interaction in bimetallic systems

Dr Clare Bakewell
University College London

The formation of photoactive acac complexes: towards switchable catalysis


June 2020

Prof. Makoto Yamashita
Nagoya University

Synthesis and properties of Alkyl-substituted Alumanyl Anion

Dr Mathew Anker
Victoria University of Wellington

Synthesis and Reactivity of the Aluminium-Chalcogenide Multiple Bonds


June 2020

Dr Josep Cornella
Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung

Bismuth Redox Catalysis

Dr Marina Uzelac
University of Edinburgh

Zn-hydride catalysts for C-H borylation and hydroboration – from hero to Trojan horse


July 2020

Prof. Eva Hevia
Universität Bern

Bespoke Bimetallics for Chemical Cooperativity